DogPad's LaunchPad is the central hub for projects looking to launch an IDO. The LaunchPad provides an easy-to-use interface for managing the IDO process, including token distribution and fundraising.

— Presales:

Developers can create their presales on The creation of presales has a fee, which can be paid on BONE and stored in our marketing wallet through which we would spend 50% on buying $DOGPAD and burning it (weekly) or they can instead, pay this fee with $DOGPAD coins, being 50% cheaper and burning them instantly on the same transaction

This fee would be 300$ in $BONE or 150$ in $DOGPAD

— Gem presales:

Our staking currently has just one level, normal staking with 50% APY. Before Shibarium we'll have a higher tier, "Master" tier, where holders can stake $2500 worth of $DOGPAD in order to get into presales with whitelist without having it, just by holding $DOGPAD in their locked staking pools

— Contracts:

Developers can create their contracts on our website or our telegram bot. Simple for normies who wouldn't know how to use remix. They can either pay with $BONE a fee of 40$ or 20$ in $DOGPAD. Same way as the presale, burning $DOGPAD

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