DogPad's Locker is a fast and effective utility for locking liquidity tokens and creating vestings. Projects can pay a fee in $BONE to use this utility, which will help to differentiate DogPad from other projects in the market.

Every project must lock their tokens & liquidities in a platform. In ethereum, we have Unicrypt or TeamFinance, also Pinksale. In BSC, we have either Mudra or Pinksale. There are hundreds of tokens locked daily, giving an average of 10,000$ of daily income to Unicrypt, for example

As we grow, more and more people will talk about us, which they already do, and we'll be the main locker of the chain, starting with the lowest fees possible of just 40$ in $BONE or 20$ in $DOGPAD. From the $BONE payments, 20$ would be bought into $DOGPAD and burnt weekly

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